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From the clean upper design to the touch of hardware, monk strap shoes are some of the sharpest, sleekest dress footwear. Our men’s monk strap shoes are made with best-quality leathers and designed with an eye towards timeless longevity so you can wear them in any setting that calls for dressing your best. To add an even bolder element to your look, opt for styles like our St. John’s double monk strap shoes. Monk strap dress shoe are a smart way to stand out from standard dress footwear while still looking impeccably put together.


Is monk strap formal?

Monk strap shoes are generally considered to be on the dressier end of the shoe spectrum, but their level of formality can vary. Single monk strap shoes are often seen as more versatile and can be worn in both formal and business-casual contexts. Double monk strap shoes tend to lean towards the formal side. The additional straps and buckles can give them a more pronounced and decorative appearance. When considering the formality of monk strap shoes, factors such as the material, color, and overall design also play a role. 


Are monk strap shoes slip on?

Monk strap shoes are not considered slip-on shoes in the traditional sense. They feature a buckle or strap closure system instead of laces or elastic gussets typically found in slip-on shoes. This provides a secure and adjustable fit. This closure system adds a stylish and sophisticated element to the overall shoe design. Monk strap shoes offer a unique alternative to traditional lace-up shoes.