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A pair of wingtip shoes is a classic essential that works in both dressed-up and everyday settings. Wingtips like our McAllister oxford are made in Port Washington, Wisconsin with the durability of our bench welt construction, giving them both a timeless, substantial look and sturdy longevity. The distinctive detailing on the uppers of men's wingtip shoes was traditionally used on footwear worn by rural workers giving these styles a slightly more casual connotation today. Built with best-quality materials and designed for lasting wear, our wingtip shoes for men are true staples that have proven themselves to generations of our enthusiasts.


What are wingtip shoes?

Wingtip shoes, also known as brogues or full brogues, are a style of men's dress shoes known for their decorative perforations and wing-like shape on the toe cap. They are characterized by the distinctive "W" or "M" shape created by the broguing (punched holes) along the edges of the toe cap. 


Are wingtip shoes formal?

Traditionally, wingtip shoes were designed as dress shoes and were worn for more formal occasions. However, in recent years, wingtips have become more versatile and can be worn in both formal and casual settings. When styled correctly, they can add a touch of sophistication to a formal outfit, such as a suit or dress pants, and can also be paired with tailored trousers for a smart-casual look. Keep in mind that the color and material of the wingtips can influence their formality, with black leather being more formal than lighter shades or suede options.


Can wingtip shoes be resoled?

Yes, wingtip shoes can typically be resoled. Resoling involves replacing the sole of the shoe when it becomes worn or damaged, while keeping the upper part intact. The ability to resole wingtip shoes depends on the construction and quality of the shoe. At Allen Edmonds, we offer our own refurbishing service, known as Recrafting, that restores your shoes and brings them back to life